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The work of an auto mechanic revolve around repair and maintenance performance of automobiles and other vehicles such as trucks and motorcycles and to do this, they often use hand tools in their line of work.


Here are three of the most commonly and most valuable automotive tools that an ipli koku auto mechanic must have as part of their repair and maintenance tools:

Pliers - this can be described as a two handled hand tool with two movable jaws. Pliers function is grasp small objects and either tighten or loosen parts into place plus they are also used to hold and bend materials such as wires and it will usually also have a small area that is equipped to snip wire at the base of the jaws. Pliers have several types which are all used by a mechanic in their work such as the channel pliers, long nose, diagonal cutting and slip joint pliers.

Screwdrivers - these are tools often used by automobile mechanics to fit into screws and either tighten or loosen them into place. Screwdrivers have a Screwdrivers have a distinct tip which fits into each screw. There are several different types of screwdrivers to fit each type of screw. This automotive tool actually has various types such as the Flat-head, Phillips, Robertson and hex which are all used by auto mechanics.

Wrenches - The function of this automotive tool is to hold slippery or small nuts and bolts and either loosen or tighten it. Wrenches are made in a number of sizes in order to fit the various nuts and bolts used in parts of an automobile. Just like pliers and screwdrivers, wrenches come in various types but they are all used for tightening in some form.

Some types of wrenches are: torque wrenches, impact wrenches and monkey wrenches which are all used by auto mechanics in their everyday work.

Whether you're riding around in something fresh off the line or something you've had for a while now, keeping it looking new is simple with a few basic auto accessories. Simple and affordable, most car accessories, such as Toyota accessories or Ford accessories, cost less than a night out (depending on how high-maintenance your date is) and provide lasting durability that protects your vehicle's components while adding some personal style to its appearance. Here are a few of the most popular car accessories.

Floor MatsThe primary function of a set of quality floor mats is to preserve your resale value by protecting your floorboards from spills, mud, tar and other substances that can stain, fade and ruin your interior. Floor mats are available in a wide variety of styles, including all-weather, carpeted, rubber and even popular auto and sports logos. Constructed of high-quality thermo-plastic and other durable materials, floor mats are computer-designed to your specific make, model and year to provide maximum coverage without covering up your floor controls. At the same time, they're designed to fit your front, second and even third-seat floor areas (as well as your trunk and cargo spaces). Plus, many floor mats are constructed with smart grooves and tall sidewalls that trap the runnier messes and prevent them from sloshing around your vehicle, making them one of the most popular auto accessories on the market.

Car BrasSpecially-tailored car bras are the best way to protect the front end of your vehicle from rocks, bugs and other road carnage. Constructed from thick vinyl, car bars provide a precise fit, deflecting harmful material away from your front end and preventing those tiny dents and dings that often give way to rust and corrosion. Car bras will never flap, bubble or bunch up, increasing the sleekness of your vehicle at any speed. Plus, each car bra features padded hooks that hold the bra tight without leaving an imprint on your paintjob. They also include full hood access and don't have to be removed to check under the hood when servicing the engine.

Dash KitsLining the curves and contours of your dash, dash kits keep your new dashboard looking new while preventing additional damage to your factory interior from spills, scratches or UV rays. Dash kits offer a wide variety of styles and colors, including a marbled or striped wood grain that inject a high sense of originality and character to your otherwise bland interior. In addition, you can choose from a variety of dash kits to cover your dash, stereo, gauges and vents, with some models even featuring door trim kits to complete the look. Simple to install, dash kits go on in minutes simply by cleaning the area for installation, peeling the trim piece off your kit and pressing it into place.

Vent VisorsAlso known as rain guards, vent visors add an aerodynamic element that channels the airflow away from your open windows, reducing wind noise and providing a quieter, more relaxing drive. With vent visors, you can leave your windows open a crack without having to worry about rain, dust, bugs or anything else finding its way in. Vent visors are designed to match any existing bodyline and add a sleek, efficient appearance to your exterior. Most vent visors feature a simple no-drill installation and secure onto the window channel or along the rubber seal through the use of pre-applied automotive tape.